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 Royce’s IntroLetter includes the following

  • Tips on finding & landing career opportunities.
  • Job Openings (Nationwide)  
  • Promotions – Earning & Saving money ideas.  
  • Promotions – Free & discounted products.   
  • Job Search Tips & strategies      
  • Webinars  (Training & information) 
  • A $1,000 Referral bonus for candidates you refer *See guidelines below
  • A $1,000 Sign-on bonus * See guidelines below 


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 My intention is to help people get a new job or introduce them to a proven way to earn money from home Part/full time.  

SHARING IS CARING! Join the TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More

Let’s all help each other; if you know a proven opportunity for people to earn money from home please send me the information. I am looking for legitimate companies that offer ways to earn money from home, where the everyday person can be successful.The opportunity must meet the following requirements:

  • If there is an entrance fee it must be minimal with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • NO pyramid schemes and no money chain letters!
  • Must have training & support for the everyday person to be successful

If you know ways to earn money from home or know of any products that can help us improve our health or life style, please send me the information to Ron at - subject line Sharing is Caring. After I do my due diligence and if I feel it is appropriate to share, I will share the opportunity with my candidate database.

* Guidelines (explanation) for the $1,000 Referral bonus

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If you recommend a candidate to us and a recruiter from the Royce Ashland Group, Inc. finds the candidate a career opportunity you and the candidate will each get a $1,000 bonus after the 90 day guarantee period is met and Royce Ashland Group, Inc. received the fee from the hiring company.

There is no time limit, which means if you refer a candidate who we put into our candidate database and find that person a job at any time you would be entitled to the referral fee.

You or the referred candidate will send the referred candidates resume to with referring candidate in the subject line.

In the email put the name of the person who referred the candidate with their email address. When we upload the resume into our ATS system we put the name and email address of the person who referred the candidate into our referral section. 

The only exception is if the candidate has already been referred by another person, in that case, we will send you an email with the name of the person that has already referred the candidate.

​* Guidelines (explanation) for the $1,000 Sign-on- bonus

 If a recruiter from the Royce Ashland Group Inc. finds you a career opportunity through our firm you would get a $1,000 sign-on-bonus after the 90 day guarantee period is met and Royce Ashland Group, Inc. received the fee from the hiring company.  

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